Saturday, May 13, 2023

MyLegacy is a platform connecting charity organizations with donors from around the world

MyLegacy: MyLegacy is a platform connecting charity organizations with donors from around the world

MyLegacy - Earn $306💰Monthly Without Sponsoring Anyone! 

We are in SUPER EARLY! 


MyLegacy - Earn $306 Monthly Without Sponsoring Anyone! 

To Help CHARITIES Worldwide And Get Rewarded BIG! 

- Earn up to $306 monthly with no referrals and no work required 

- 2X15 Matrix (Earn up to $9,830 monthly with just 15 upgraded direct referrals) 

- 50% Direct Referral Commission (Receive $12.50 from every direct referral that upgrades) 

- Up to 50% Matching Bonuses 6 Levels Deep (50%, 15%, 10%, 5%, 5%, 5%) 

- Massive Spillover is happening 

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On top of the $306 WITHOUT SPONSORING or up to $9,830 that you can earn in your personal matrix, you will also match 50% of the matrix commissions on everyone you enroll, AND a percentage everyone those people enroll SIX ENROLLMENT LEVELS DEEP, regardless of where they fall in your matrix! 


If you have 10 personally enrolled people who are each earning $6,000 per month in their matrix, then you will match 50% of what they earn in their matrix. 

That means you will earn a $3,000 matching bonus on each of them, for a total of $30,000 (10 people x $3,000 each) in commissions just on those 10 people alone. PLUS, potentially hundreds or thousands of other people you could be matching at other levels! 

Upgrade For $25 One-Time (Click "UPGRADE ACCOUNT" on top left) 

And Pay $5 Monthly To Earn Big! (Your earning balance can be used) 

USDT (TRC20) or BUSD (BEP20) Accepted 

To remain active and eligible for Matrix Commission, individuals must pay the $5 membership fee before the end of each 4-week cycle. 

Watch this video presentation: 

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To Your Success! 

DeMarcus & Martin

My Legacy US Top Team

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

JUST LAUNCHED - GotBackUp - Take Free Tour Today

I wanted to personally invite you to the launch of GotBackup  – the revolutionary online backup and recovery solution that is changing the game in the digital world. The launch is happening today Thursday, April 6th at 10am central time, and I believe you won't want to miss it.

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GotBackup provides a secure, reliable, and user-friendly solution to protect your important data and files. You get 6 separate accounts to protect you and your family.

With the rise in cybercrime and natural disasters, it is more important than ever to have a trusted backup solution. GotBackup takes care of everything for you, automatically backing up your files to the cloud and making them easily accessible anytime, anywhere. You can access your data from any device, and even share it with others seamlessly.

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With GotBackup, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your data is always safe and secure. The solution has military-grade encryption and provides multiple redundancies to ensure maximum protection of your files. You don't have to worry about losing your files to cyberattacks, viruses, hardware failures, or any other unfortunate event.

Moreover, as an affiliate of GotBackup, you can also take advantage of the excellent opportunity to earn significant recurring commissions. 

The company offers a lucrative compensation plan, giving you the chance to earn up to 200% commission on your referrals. This makes it a fantastic way to build a passive income stream while helping others secure their data.

Get a tour and lock in your free position in the company now


Don’t miss out on the GotBackup launch on Thursday, April 6th at 10am central time. Join the revolution and enjoy the benefits of a reliable backup solution and an excellent income stream as an affiliate.

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Monday, February 27, 2023

We Got Friends - NITROLINE Just Launched

It is already blowing up every leader out there is grabbing a spot bringing their teams on board. We got the Nitroline its a Powerline killer. We are letting everyone sign up and build for No Cost / FREE for 30 days. Every second someone is taking a spot that could be going below you in the Nitroline. So do yourself a favor and lock in a spot ASAP and watch all these people flood in below you. The Nitroline crushes any Powerline out there. You do not want to miss a top spot. Get in early!!

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NitroLine is the New Generation replacement of the old style. PowerLine & Monolines 

We Got Friends Has The HOTTEST DIGITAL PRODUCT for Business Building, which has to Be LEADS.

You will Have TOP EARNERS CLOSING SALES It's Got THE HOTTEST PAY PLAN You GET PAID WEEKLY UP TO $25,000 Plus bonuses They Have The LEAD GENERATION ACADEMYWe Got Friends & The NitroLine Team Builder" is an innovative program that offers Quality leads, complete with names, cell phone numbers, and emails. Its currently in the pre-launch phase, it is expected to experience rapid growth and expand significantly in the near future.

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Sunday, January 8, 2023

⏰M80Advertising🎆:5K+ Monthly🏧...Just Launched!🚀

⏰M80Adversising🎆:5K+ Monthly🏧...Just Launched!🚀

Are you ready to become financially free in 2023?

⏰First Movers Advantage...

🚀Just Launched!

🏧Daily Comm Pay!

🔴2x10 Forced Matrix!

💰Referral Monthly Bonus! 

💵100 Check Matching Bonus!

⛔️No Sponsorship Required to Earn!

☎️Daily Opportunity Calls!

💸Get Paid to Advertise!

Build today, get paid today!

☎️3 min. sizzle call 385-330-9171   

🔴Conference call tonight at 8pm est 

🙎‍♂️Bring your guests!


❌No access code needed 

Happy New Year!

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Get up to 200 Leads A Day with Mailing System

Getting your own mailing

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DeMarcus Davenport

BTL STAKING up to 1.5% Per DAY! 📈MULTIPLY Your Crypto-Currency in a FULLY Automated 💵

Bitles is the Largest Professional Platform for Earning on Crypto-Currencies. 

Completely legal company with European licenses for CryptoExchange and CryptoWallet. Earn Profits up to 6% Per Day & Multiply your Crypto-Currency in a Fully Automated Model. 

The team employs more than 30 specialists from 8 countries: IT and Blockchain experts, experienced financial managers, traders and analysts, large staff of designers and marketers!

Cryp-Spider AI algorithmic trading system based on Artificial Intelligence.

Over 300% of net profit in Bitcoin received for last 2 years

100% guarantee of investor’s deposit safeguard secured by the capital of over 5,000 BTC at trading accounts of the company. 

Join NOW:

Global digital ecosystem:

Instant currency exchange service

Branded clothes & accessories store

User Platform Training Center

Private BITLES Blockchain

18 payment and withdrawal methods supported: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH, BCH, BSV, TRX, NEO, NEM, WAVES, ZEC, XMR, DOGE, ETC, USDT (OMNI, ERC20)

You get profit from trading 5 days a week + excess profit every Saturday + additional profit  from BTL token growth (up to 60% per month)

An excellent Affiliate Plan based on the MLM Binary System and additional bonuses:

Binary Bonus (up to 10%)

Direct Bonus (up to 10%)

Passive Bonus (up to 20%)

Leadership Bonus (up to 10%)

Quick Start Bonus ($250 to $500)

Rank Award, Career ($500 to $3,000,000)

Fast and reliable withdrawal of funds (average payment processing time is 2-3 hours)

BTL Staking:

This technology will Allow you to Earn Additional BTL Tokens by Simply 
Storing Tokens in your Account!

There are Four Options:

Hold for 80 Days and Earn 0.5% Per Day!

Hold for 120 Days and Earn 0.8% Per Day!

Hold for 160 Days and Earn 1.2% Per Day!

Hold for 200 Days and Earn 1.5% Per Day!

Important Remember BTL Tokens are Increasing in Value anyway, 
so Your BTL's will be worth even more just by holding them
With Staking you get up to 1.5% Per Day on Top of the Natural Increase!

It is a WIN-WIN Situation!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Tornado Rising - Join Now and lock in your Top Position. There are NO REFERRING REQUIREMENTS to Earn

[🧨KABOOM💥]🌪Tornado Rising Just Launched 🚀 and Paying Out Big 💵

This is going to be Huge!  Everyone gets paid in order in a Straightline!

Join Now and lock in your Top Position.  There are NO REFERRING REQUIREMENTS to Earn.  Each position is time stamped in order regardless who referred you.

The Pay Plan is Company Forced with no re-entries to slow it down.  Everyone cycles in order and moves forward in a Fully Automated System.

You keep doubling your earnings on each level...

You first earn $37.50 and then you earn $75 and then you earn $150 and then you earn $300 and then you earn $600 and then you earn $1200 and then you earn $2400.

This keeps on doubling to Infinity...

New Levels will open up so that you earn $4800 and then $9600 and then $19,200 and then $38,400 and etc...

The fun part is that you can buy into the upper levels and cycle ahead of other members!

Only $25 in Bitcoin needed to get started.


Hurry and Lock in your Your Top Position

Company Forced Pay Plan.  Each member's position is time stamped in order.

The cost per position is $25.  You can purchase a new position daily.   You can even advance purchase into upper levels and jump over members that have not yet entered into the level.

Your $25 position places you in the Booster Level.

Check out what happens when you cycle each level...

Booster (2x2)
Member earns $37.50
Sponsor earns $30
Paid entry into Bronze

Bronze (2x2)
Member earns $75
Sponsor earns $60
Paid entry into Silver

Silver (2x2)
Member earns $150
Sponsor earns $120
Paid entry into Gold

Gold (2x2)
Member earns $300
Sponsor earns $240
Paid entry into Platinum

Platinum (2x2)
Member earns $600
Sponsor earns $480
Paid entry into Diamond

Diamond (2x2)
Member earns $1200
Sponsor earns $960
Paid entry into Ruby

Ruby (2x2)
Member earns $2400
Sponsor earns $1920
Paid entry into future level

From these point new levels will be added and your earnings will keep on doubling.

Only $25 in Bitcoin needed to get started.


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It is already blowing up every leader out there is grabbing a spot bringing their teams on board. We got the Nitroline its a Powerline kil...